1. Do we have a minimum of patches?

    We have a minimum of 50 patches and they all need to be the same image and size.

  2. What is our turnaround time for patches?

    Our turnaround time for patches is 2-3 weeks from day of artwork approval. We may able to RUSH your order, however a RUSH fee will apply.

  3. What is the difference between merrowed edges or laser cut?

    Merrowed Edge: This is the most common type of border. After the patch is embroidered and cut, the edge is then covered by overlocked stitches that run from the front of the patch to the back.

    Laser Cut: When a patch is laser cut, the outer border of the design is stitched and the excess base cloth is cut away around the outside border leaving some exposed cloth at the extreme edge of the patch.

  4. Do you charge for artwork fees?

    We do not charge for artwork if the design is ready to embroider as-is. If service from our art department is required we charge $25.00 an hour and our designers will advise an estimate before proceeding with the project.

  5. What are acceptable formats of submitted artwork?

    Vector artwork (.eps,.ai,.cdr) is preferred. However, we also accept .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or .TIF formats with a resolution of at least 200 dpi. Tajima .DST files with thread sequences are also accepted.

  6. What type of backing is right for your patches?

    No backing: Patches can be made without a backing leaving the twill and stitching on the back of the patch exposed. These patches are more flexible than patches with backing and are best used for being sewn on to other fabrics.

    Plastic Backing: This style adds support to the patch making it more stiff and allowing it to stay flat over time. This type of backing is still thin enough to be sewn onto a garment. Plastic backing will look thin and matte.

    Heatseal Backing: Also referred to as iron-on patches, will allow application to your garment using a home iron. Heatseal gives the back of the patch a layer of shine that melts to the desired fabric when heated. Keep in mind that this type of application does not work on nylon and other synthetic fabrics.

  7. Do you Chenille Patches?

    Yes we do, its a different process than a normal patch. Please do not use this form for a quote. Please contact [email protected] for a quote.